Photo affiche de la terre noir à l'encre

From black earth to ink

Exhibition of photographs and objects, screening of a documentary and round table discussion

Michèle Leung (EHESS-CRAL) presents a selection of photographs and objects based on her research regarding the production and circulation of ink in East Asia.
This exhibition is complemented by the screening of the documentary film De la terre noire à l’encre  in the auditorium of the Institut Ricci | Centre Sèvres, as well as a round table discussion in the presence of the director.


Exhibition The textures of ink by Michèle Leung

From 17 to 30 October 2022

Series of photographs from the field survey conducted in 2019, with a presentation of the production process.

Exhibition of calligraphy and painting created for the occasion by Yolaine Escande (CNRS-CRAL) and Leung Siu-Wai (painter).

Exhibition of ink sticks, new creations, and ink making equipment from the Tayu Ink factory.

Exhibition of inks produced in the Kinkoen craft factory in Nara (Japan).

Screening of the documentary De la terre noire à l’encre and round table discussion

October 21, 2022, from 3:00 pm in the auditorium of the Ricci Institute | Centre Sèvres

De la terre noire à l’encre directed by Michèle Leung

Tayu Ink (dayouzhimo 大有製墨) is today the last remaining artisanal ink factory in Taiwan. As a modelling material, ink has the ability to take on various forms as it is mixed, kneaded and moulded. From a shapeless paste, it becomes a real collection object. Between manual and mechanical work, the director Chen Juntian and his apprentice Chouchou (Baobei), shape the ink sticks together.

Based on the observations of a field survey conducted in 2019, the documentary immerses us in the daily life
of the craftsmen, between the rhythmic gestures and the deafening noise of the machines.

Michèle Leung

As an extension of this documentary film project, Michèle is conducting her doctoral research at the EHESS on the issue of ink production and circulation in East Asia. She also explores the beliefs related to those practices.

Round table discussion

Moderator: Eléonore Caro (EHESS-CCJ)
Michela Bussotti, historian and director of studies at the EFEO
Wei Lia, associate professor in art and archaeology of China at the Inalco

Affiche de la terre noire à l'encre