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Island of traditions and contrasts, Taiwan attracts the interest of many academics and students throughout the world. The many articles, theses, dissertations, films and projects deserve to be collected and widely diffused. This is what our site intends to do. Enthusiasts, browsers, professionals and all are welcome to discover the research on Taiwan carried out in France and elsewhere.

God of the soil, god of riches: ethnology of the quest for prosperity in the Hongludi Nanshan Fude temple in Taiwan

Ateliers de taïwan franch taïwan studiesThis session inaugurates a new space within the Taiwan Studies Workshops: the Young Researchers’ Workshop. Marta Pavone, a doctoral student in social anthropology at Inalco, will present her research work conducted in the heart of the Hongludi Nanshan Fude temple in Taiwan. This temple is dedicated to Tudi Gong 土地公, the god of soil.  Marta Pavone’s presentation will be discussed by Stéphanie Homola, anthropologist, researcher at the CNRS – IFRAE.






“Bonds to the native land: three generations of Waishengren (外省人) in Taiwan”

A conference held by Fu Si-tai (傅思台) (Doctor of Sociology, EHESS)

Affiche conférence Fu SI-taiFu Si-tai will present the results of his fieldwork conducted among three generations of Waishengren, Taiwan, from 2017 to 2018. While focusing on the bonds to the native land, his talk will also investigate the dynamics of identification as well as the attachments to places that can be perceived as the homeland and/or the hosting land.

Discussant: Évelyne Ribert (CNRS – IIAC/LACI)






Academic Year 2022-2023

The French Taiwan Studies team is happy to announce that its seminar is returning for its seventh year. The first session will take place on 14 November 2022.

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