The Spiritual Body: Experiencing the Processions of
Ba Jia Jiang 八家將

Screening - Round table discussion on the documentary Blessed Corps directed by Hsieh Chwen-ching

November 21, 2022

5:30 pm

room BS1-28/BS1-05 of the EHESS-Raspail.

This event is organized as part of the Spotlight Taiwan Program.

Watch the film here

The Ba Jia Jiang is one of the processions practiced in temples in Taiwan and known as Zhèn Tóu. It is a symbol of exorcism, Zhensha (suppression of evil) and blessing. Ba Jia Jiang originated in the early twentieth century in Tainan and later expanded widely in the Chia-yi area.
This summer, we held a Ba Jia Jiang summer camp in Zhen You Tang Hall in Chia-yi. Children from the local Chung-Wen Elementary School participated in the activities for three days. We took this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the current evolution and legacy of Ba Jia
Jiang practice.

Hsieh Chwen-ching

After graduating from the Tama University of Fine Arts in Tokyo, Hsieh Chwen-ching obtained a PhD in Arts and Sciences of Recording from the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée in 2011. She now focuses on image creation and continues her research in the humanities. In 2020, Hsieh Chwen-ching directed the documentary Blessed Days.

The round table discussion

Moderation: Samia Ferhat (Paris Nanterre -UMRCCJ EHESS)
Vincent Goossaert, Director of Studies, EPHE, PSL, member of the GSRL (Group, Societies, Religions, Secularities)
Chanyueh Liu, PhD in ethnoscenology, lecturer in Mandarin and Taiwanese at Inalco, member of PLIDAM at Inalco