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Are Taiwanese Entrepreneurs a Strategic Group? Reassessing Taishang Political Agency across the Taiwan Strait

Schubert Gunter, Lin Ruihua, Tseng Jean Yu-Chen.

Asian Survey,Vol. 57 No. 5, September/October 2017, 2017, pp. 856-884.

Abstract (English) :

This article applies the “strategic group” concept to Taiwanese entrepreneurs (taishang), who have businesses in both Taiwan and Mainland China, to analyze their political agency in safeguarding their collective interests. Based on extensive fieldwork, the authors look at taishang collective action in both formal and informal settings to assess whether the taishang can be considered a strategic group in contemporary cross-Strait relations.

Mots-clés :

cross-Strait relations, cross-Strait political economy, taishang, strategic group

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