Taiwan’s Unsung Heroes

Taiwan's Unsung Heroes


During our many field trips in Taiwan, we met extraordinary people, everyday heroes who are not mentioned by the media. These people work in a thousand different ways for the well-being of their community, the preservation of their culture or the transmission of knowledge on Taiwan.

These are the people we have decided to highlight. Through short films made by the Taiwan Studies team and their friends, we want to show how these people affected or impressed us, so that their actions and their spirit may be shared beyond the island.

Being Tsou

2020. Directed by Marine Giangregorio & Zhang Yu.

Alishan is a mountain range located on the island of Taiwan. It is a traditional territory of the Tsou people. We met them in the heart of the Tapangu village, in order to ask some members of the Tsou tribe about their role in the preservation of customs and their contribution to the local economic activity.

This film was screened on 23 October 2020 at EHESS, as part of the event “Being Tsou: Modernity and tradition in Taiwan’s indigenous communities”.
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Commitment! 練馬可老師與台灣社會學1955~1999

2010. Directed by Yu-yueh Tsai. 25 minutes.

This film is about Professor Mark Thelin, an America Sociologist who came to Taiwan and had devoted his life to teaching and promoting Sociology from 1955 to 1999. He won the Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Taiwanese Sociological Association. This film was shown at the 2010 Annual Conference of the Taiwanese Sociological Association held in Taipei.