Taiwan Perspectives is a series of conferences focusing on Taiwan society. Through the various presentations from researchers and players in Taiwan studies, the conferences aim to shed light on critical contemporary issues in Taiwan. This series of conferences, organized in parallel to the “Taiwan and its memory spaces” seminar, is open to any person wishing to learn more about Taiwanese society in all its diversity.

Taiwan Perspectives

Searching for a Chinese national identity: about the concept of zhonghua minzu 中華民族

Monday 17 February 2020

18h30-20h, Room 7-51, EHESS, 54 Bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

Félix Jun Ma – Senior Lecturer, Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University

Stories of an original sin: the narrative of the 28 February Incident in Taiwan, from 1947 to today

Victor Louzon – Lecturer, Sorbonne Université

以融合重塑认同——两岸认同矛盾下大陆对台 《同等待遇》 融合路径与效果初探

Thursday 13 June 2019

17h00-18h30, Room A5-51, EHESS, 54 Bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

郑振清 (Zheng Zhengqin) – 清华大学台湾研究院 (Tsinghua University Research Center on Taiwan, Beijing)

Guest Speaker : Xiaohong Xiao-Planes (Inalco)

Nation, Migration, Identity: Learning from the Cross-Strait Context

Jeudi 14 mars 2019

18h00-19h30, Salle A7-37, EHESS, 54 Bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

Lara Momesso – Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

Representing a non-recognized State: the job of a Taiwanese diplomat

Tuesday 29 January 2019

17h00-18h30, Room A7-37, EHESS, 54 Bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

Françoise Mengin – Senior Researcher, Sciences Po

Memorial service and transitional justice

Monday 17 december 2018

17h15-20h, Room 1, EHESS, 105 Bd Raspail - 75006 Paris

Wang Huei-min (王惠民) – Doctor of Political Science at Tamkang University, 淡江大學政治學博士
Commemoration and remembrance of “those who died for their country”: its place in preservation policy of historical and cultural heritage in Taiwan.
(Presentation in Chinese with French translation)

Lee Suen-cheng (李鎨澂) – Researcher at the National Policy Foundation, 國家政策研究基金會研究員

Transitional justice policy and its impact on the evolution of historical memory in Taiwan.
(Presentation in French)

Taiwan studies and cross-strait youth exchanges

Friday 9 November 2018

Zhang Baorong (张宝蓉)
Chen Chao (陈超)
Xiao Rikui (萧日葵)

Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University (厦门大学台湾研究院)


Is there a place for a Taiwanese identity in international society?

Monday 29 october 2018

Mister Ambassador Wu Chih-Chung, Taipei Representative in France