The Team

Samia Ferhat

Scientific supervisor

Samia Ferhat is the creator of the French Taiwan Studies project. She is a researcher affiliated with the Centre for Studies on Modern and Contemporary China (EHESS – UMR 8173 China Korea Japan) and a lecturer at Paris Nanterre University. Her work focuses on the question of memory and the uses of the past in the context of China-Taiwan relations.

Soulia Bentouhami

Administrative manager

Due to her role as head administrative and operational manager of the UMR 8173 China Korea Japan, Soulia is in charge of running and managing the research centre. She therefore oversees the administrative side of the project, including acting as intermediary between the different partners when signing agreements, as well as dealing with accounting issues.

Sica Acapo

Multimedia manager

Sica is a public relations manager specialising in the promotion of research. She has a degree in applied languages (English and Chinese) and intercultural communication. Within the project, she is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website, as well as the development of media content.

Shao Chuanzhe

Research assistant

Shao Chuanzhe has a Masters in translation from Paris III (Chinese, French and English), as well as a Masters in sociology from the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS). Her research topic concerns the question of cultural conflicts between different societies. She teaches Chinese and Chinese civilisation in several institutions and large French companies.

Lai Yoing

Research assistant

Lai Yoing is a Masters student at the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences. His research topics include China-Taiwan relations, the Taipei-Beijing-Washington triangle, political psychology and the One-China policy (principle).

Aurélia Martin


Aurélia Martin is a freelance translator, with experience in public relations and online content management. She is responsible for translating all the documents related to the FTS project, as well as the website.

Zhao Qian


Self-taught and passionate about art, Zhao Qian applies her pencils and paints to the creation of the project’s developing visual content.

Corentin Ludwig

Masters student (AMO)

Corentin Ludwig is a Masters student at the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS). His research focuses on young Kuomintang activists and sympathisers and those advocating for “reunification” with mainland China. What interests him most is their collective imagination, stories centred around “Greater China” and the figure of Chiang Kai-shek.

Li Hsin-yi

Cultural anthropologist (Ph.D.)

Li Hsin-Yi is an associate researcher at Heidelberg University where she received her doctorate in Anthropology. Her research topics cover the international mobility of students, transnational migration strategies, as well as cultural identity and collective memory in Taiwan. She is currently in Paris collaborating with Samia Ferhat on a postgraduate project on the China Youth Corps.

Hsieh Chwen-ching

Doctor of Arts

Chwen-chin has a Ph.D. in Art Studies from the University of Paris-Est and is a lecturer for the Department of Perfoming Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts in Taipei and for the Department of French at Tamkang University.